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Written by Taupo Fishery Focus by Editor, James Barnett for  Newsletter : Taupo Fishery Focus #8

By trout anglers for trout anglers

Issue 8 – October 2019.

October marks a transition in the New Zealand freshwater fishing calendar with numerous rivers and lakes opening across the country. This takes significant angling pressure off the Taupō spawning rivers, which had been the focus for many fly-fishing fanatics over winter.

While backcountry waters are open in many areas, anglers visiting the Taupō region should be mindful that ‘winter limits’ continue to apply on our major rivers until 1 December. This limitation exists to protect spawning trout – which reach a peak in spring. As a guide, the Taupō Fishing District map includes details of all fishing seasons along with a summary of the regulations – details can be found online>

We’ve been actively collecting fishery data over winter including monitoring trout passing through the Waipa spawning trap and conducting regular drift dives. As part of a new initiative this season, we’ve been providing a monthly update on data collected from the Waipa trap – just what you need to satisfy your inner trout-nerd!

Recent trends tell us more rainbow trout now run during spring than over winter, while angling pressure is reduced. Less anglers and more trout… sounds like a good opportunity for a fishing trip!


Lake Otarmangakau open

Lake Otamangakau open.
October 1st marked the opening of the fishing season at Lake Otamangakau. The weather can be the greatest challenge facing anglers who visit this mountain location early in the season. However, when the sun comes out and the wind subsides Lake O’s rugged beauty is revealed – along with some very large trout… more>




Winter limits concintue to protect troutWinter limits continue to protect trout.
Winter limits remain in place in the Taupō region until 1 December, to protect spawning trout. This is important given the majority of Rainbows migrate up rivers to spawn in the Spring.  A cool movie clip taken last year using a drone, illustrates this well… see video clip>






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