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Some people reckon golf is the greatest accessory sport. They’ve never been fly fishing. Last time I checked my fly vest it contained 50 different items, which ranged from 30 British quid, through toilet paper in a sealed plastic bag (has to be sealed), to a pair of chrome secateurs.

There were medicine kits, hip flasks, cigars in sealed tubes, magnifying glasses, bottle tops and tweezers for looking at fish food, nets for sandflies, ponchos, sand fly nets and a range of four different repellents and anti itch lotions.

Not to mention the more obvious – six boxes of flies, seven sets of leaders, split shot, tungsten putty, floatant, yarn indicators and sinkant.

This section runs through the things you need and the things you buy because you know your fishing mate won’t have them – like the hat with the three built in LED lights, or the sun glasses with fancy clear magnifying lenses.

Oh, you can also learn how to paint your three weight rod in camo colours so the fish can’t see it in small streams, and also how to avoid treading on your camo rod or losing it, because you can’t see it anymore when you put it down for a quick pee by the riverside.

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