May 2009 – RUIN – LGAQ

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May 2009 – RUIN – LGAQ

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Regional Unemployment Index (RUIN) – May 2009
Sponsored by Local Government Association of Queensland.

Reading the report

From the top, we have included some stereotype charts, which are a handy demographic snapshot of changes during the past 12 months. Then we have the Correlation charts, which are the main substance of the report. The things to watch for include possible impacts of the Government’s financial stimulus which seems to have worked favourably on lower income groups, and demographic variables running parallel with the increase in unemployment. The latter have so far been the high SES groups, as well as migrants (whatever their SES) and the internationally exposed tourism industry. For example, when tourist numbers declined from Japan, we saw a rise in the unemployment profile from Japanese born persons, Japanese speakers and Buddhists. We always try to look for these multiple links and burrow back up the causal chain to infer some sort of economic drivers. We stress we are looking at inferential statistics here and weaker correlations have a stronger likelihood of being due simply to chance factors.

Read FULL REPORT – Regional Unemployment Index (RUIN) – May 2009 

Disclaimer: The Labour Market reports and associated maps have been prepared as an educational and public relations exercise and have not been designed as an advisory tool for business and we take no responsibility for those who use either of them for these purposes. The sampling errors for smaller Labour Force regions are often large and the raw figures used cannot be easily adjusted for seasonal trends. The statistical significance of the profiles also need to be considered. We repeat, caution is urged in any interpretation of these statistics. We acknowledge and thank the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the provision of original data, Dr Otto Helwig of MDS for the HES micro simulation modelling and Phil Henry of Business Geographics for the mapping.

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