John Black

Founder and Executive Chairman

Pioneered demographic profiling of Australian political and economic groups in Australia since 1975. Developed demographic strategy for the Australian Labor Party national campaign in 1983.

Australian Senator for Queensland (1984-90) and chaired Senate Inquiries into Drugs in Sport which established the Australian Sports Drugs Agency and has been a founding board member of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency.
Currently a guest commentator for the ABC and a columnist for The Australian, where John often talks about profiling of politics and the labour market. He also writes adventure fly fishing articles for The Australian, for FlyLife Magazine and for the ADS and EGS web pages. Pictures of trout tend to appear frequently in these articles.

John Black

(Founder and Executive Chairman)

Dr Jeanine McMullan

(CEO & Senior Mapper)
Reg Kernke - Director & Dashboard Designer - Education Geographics

Reg Kernke

(Director & Dashboard Designer)

Janine Walker

(Executive Mentor)