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After four years of Labor Governments Australia’s unemployment level has risen by 130,000, with the original rate of unemployment up by about one percent. The regions to suffer the biggest increases have been in Queensland, where the tourism strips with their highly mobile workforces, such as the Gold Coast, have seen unemployment double to almost ten percent. More recent Kiwi arrivals could be among the drivers here. Inner Sydney is also experiencing the same pressures from recent economic migrants from neighbouring countries.

To the extent that recent refugees from the Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq have been settling in culturally compatible neighbourhoods, then they could also have been driving up unemployment in western Sydney’s Fairfield Liverpool and Melbourne’s North West. Something certainly has been. Another possible factor, welfare dependence, particularly for Parenting Payments, is also high in these regions and this variable proved to be an excellent predictor of unemployment rates two years into the future. In other words, some welfare payments are easier to hand out in hard times than they are to take back in the good times.

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Disclaimer: The Labour Market reports and associated maps have been prepared as an educational and public relations exercise and have not been designed as an advisory tool for business and we take no responsibility for those who use either of them for these purposes. The sampling errors for smaller Labour Force regions are often large and the raw figures used cannot be easily adjusted for seasonal trends. The statistical significance of the profiles also need to be considered. We repeat, caution is urged in any interpretation of these statistics. We acknowledge and thank the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the provision of original data, Dr Otto Helwig of MDS for the HES micro simulation modelling and Phil Henry of Business Geographics for the mapping.