Australian Jobs profile for Feb Qtr. 2015

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Australian Jobs profile for Feb Qtr. 2015

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This report focuses on participation rates and the political and welfare links to participation rates across regions. It starts with tables showing the lowest and highest regional participation rates and the corresponding stereotypes for each. It continues with (green) charts based on the February Quarter 2015 Participation Rates and continues with relevant (red) charts from recent elections.

This profile is based on jobs data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The primary source is the monthly Labour Force survey by Regions (6291.0.55.001), but includes national data from 6202.0, detailed quarterly data from 6291.0.55.003, earnings by industry 6302.0 Job Vacancies Australia 6354.0 and Demographic Statistics 3101.0. We have also made some use of ABS data on underemployment and labour underutilisation. As detailed data is only available in Original form, we use this, unless otherwise stated to be Trend or Seasonally Adjusted.

The modelling used by ADS compares this cross section of data with our Elaborate database and uses inferential statistics to project these sample results onto all Australian postcodes and Commonwealth Electoral Divisions. Material in the ADS Elaborate database is based on data from the ABS Census, Electoral Commissions, Household Expenditure Surveys modelled by MDS Data Systems, data on home loan arrears and a wide range of published data on political and economic behaviour.

Read Full Report : ADS Jobs Profile Feb Qtr 2015 final.pdf

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