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At Australian Development Strategies (ADS) we have been profiling schools for twelve years.

During this time the Non-government education sector has been transformed after the GFC from a secure and steadily growing market into one made more price sensitive by declining real incomes since the end of the mining boom, more insecure by relentless computerisation of blue collar and middle white collar jobs and much less defined, by a blurring of the barriers between the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors for new Gen X Catholic parents and inner urban professionals.

We have adapted to these changes ourselves and moved from a report platform of large printed documents and A3 maps into an interactive report and mapping dashboard which can be viewed anywhere via the web, by clients on their office computer or tablet.

This new product will be marketed by Education Geographics Pty Ltd and further details can be found at http://www.educationgeographics.net.au.

We at ADS will continue to maintain our database and its unique education and labour force components which are proving to be increasingly linked. Some of our political data relevant to political campaigns can now be purchased directly from Map Data Services via the link below. 

Map Data Services



Our election research and profiles of past elections will continue to be featured on the ADS site, along with updated Labour Market reports and our famous Recreational Research section.



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